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Programs and Services
Programs and Services

Single family homes and apartments of 4 units or less are collected once a week with the option of twice a week collection at an additional charge. For disabled residents who need assistance placing their containers curbside, the City offers a free “side-door service” where Sanitation staff will retrieve and replace receptacles at no extra charge. This service is available to those not disabled at an additional charge. 

Hallandale Beach Residential Curbside Collection is picked-up by section on the following days: 
                     (Click on link to the right to view a map and schedule)
Southwest Section:   Mondays           Northwest Section: Thursdays 
Southeast Section:    Tuesdays           Northeast Section: Fridays      


Sanitation Truck_thumb.png

Single family homes and/or apartments of 4 units or less are allowed to schedule one yard waste and one bulk waste collection each quarter. To schedule a collection or for more information, please call 954- 457-1616.

BULK TRASH INCLUDES: Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses and Cardboard boxes.

NO: Garbage, Glass, Construction debris, Fence Material, Tires, Batteries, Paints, Oil, Liquid and Hazardous waste

Limbs, leaves, grass clippings, trunks less than 6 inches in diameter.

NO: trash, treated wood or construction debris.

Residents may also drop off waste once each quarter at the Public Works compound, 630 NW 2nd St. The drop-off is limited to four cubic yards.                  


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Residents can drop off up to 4 cubic yard of trash at the Public Work Facility located at 630 NW 2nd Street in Hallandale Beach. Resident are allowed this service once every 3 months.  The facility is open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12;00 pm.

Residents are required to provide a valid driver’s license and current utility bill (last three months) demonstrating residency within the City of Hallandale Beach. Upon proof of residency, residents will have to sign and date a Voucher Form provided by the drop-off attendant at the Public Works Facility.

Call the Sanitation Division for more information (954) 457-1616.

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Residential Recycling

Hallandale Beach residents are reminded that recycling is an easy and vital way to help preserve our future and protect our environment.  Hallandale Beach now makes it possible for residents to join in the recycling program almost effortlessly.  Residents may place all acceptable recyclable materials in the blue recycling container that is provided by the City.  the recycling container will be picked up once a week on the same day as regular garbage collection.  There is  a $2.00 fee for each recycling container that is automatically charged in the monthly water bill.

 Recycling World_thumb.gif
 Collection Information 
  • Place the blue recycling container at curbside approximately 3 feet away from the green garbage container on the same day scheduled for garbage pick-up.
  • Place the  blue recycling container and the green garbage container at curbside no later than 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection day.
  • Collection will occur from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM on your collection day.
  • This is a commingled curbside program. You do not have to separate any of the materials.  You can put all accepted materials in the blue recycling container.
  • The blue recycling container is assigned to your residence and you are responsible for its maintenance and safe keeping.
  • The blue recycling container is the property of the City of Hallandale Beach. If you move, please leave the recycling container behind.
  • Participation in the program is not optional and everyone in the City will pay for the service as  part of their basic monthly sanitation service fee. 
 Recycling Container.gif
 Accepted Recyclable Materials 
  • Plastic containers (rinsed).
  • Glass Bottles, jugs and jars (rinsed).
  • Metal Cans (Aluminum and tin cans rinsed).
  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, paperboard (cereal boxes, ect.).
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened).
 Recycling Items.gif
Unacceptable Items     
  •       Household Garbage
  •       Hazardous Waste
  •       Vegetative Debris
  •       Construction Debris  

Recycling for Multi-Family
The City is  committed to encourage recycling to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed of at landfills.  In recognition that multi-family recycling programs are important for Hallandale Beach's continued success in waste reduction and recycling, the City offers a recycling program for properties with five (5) units or more at a nominal fee.  A successful recycling program may help you reduce garbage service fees.

Individual unit owners are not able to sign up for recycling service on their own.  If there is no recycling at your condominium or multi-family complex, you can encourage the management to establish a recycling program by letting them know it is important to you.  Complex managers will need to contact the Sanitation Division at 954-457-1616 to schedule an appointment; or they may e-mail or fax a request to 954-457-3119 to get the recycling service started.  Please include the following information in the body of the e-mail or fax:

  • Complex Name
  • Street Address
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Number of Household Units in the Complex 

A representative will come to the site to help assist with the building's needs as requirements vary from building to building.  The City of Hallandale Beach encourages all residents to recycle as it assists in making a greener tomorrow.


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Residents can bring any of the following items for recycling at the City’s electronics recycling station: rechargeable batteries, computers, televisions, printers, monitors, keyboards, cell phones, and fax machines.   Proof of residency in the City of Hallandale Beach if required.

A drop off dumpster is available at the following location Saturdays from 8 AM to 3 PM:

Public Works Facilities
630 NW 2nd Street
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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Residents can bring any of the following items for recycling.  Proof of residency in the City of Hallandale Beach is required.
      - Residential Paint (One gallon size only)                                  - Tires (a maximum of four per visit)
      - Fluorescent Light Bulbs                                                           -  Vehicle Batteries
      - Electronic Materials                                                                 -  Used Motor Oil
      - Household Cleaners                                                                -  Anti-freeze 

DO NOT BRING: Explosives, bio-hazardous waste or business generated waste.

Open Saturday from 8 AM - 3 PM at the following location:

Public Works Facilities
630 NW 2nd Street
Hallandal Beach, FL  33009                     
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This program is designed to bring together our residents, revitalize and make our community stronger by working together. We are inviting Hallandale Beach based civic associations, school-related groups, religious groups, youth and sports leagues to participate in this program. It will be a great tool for these organizations to raise funds while inspiring youth to participate in civic minded projects which help clean-up the community.

Date and Time
Every third Saturday of the month (except in December) two organizations will have the opportunity to put together a group of volunteers who will collaborate in picking-up trash in a designated area of our community.

The City will pay the organizations $5.00 for each full bag of trash collected.  

To register you may complete an online form or download a registration form and fax it to (954) 457-3119.
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Sanitation services are provided to all commercial establishments in the City per Ordinance 32-635.  All new businesses wishing to operate in City must sign up for garbage services before applying for an occupational license and getting your water services connected.  Commercial dumpsters will be provided by the City based on the business’ service needs and requirements.  To establish a new account please visit the Sanitation Service Office at 630 NW 2nd Street.   

Pick-up Schedule
The minimum level of service required by City Ordinance is twice per week, service days may vary.  All containers must be accessible and ready for service by 7:00 am on the assigned service day.  If containers are not ready for pick and a special pick-up has to be arranged, a special pick-up charges will incur. 

Type of Services
Sanitation services are provided using commercial dumpsters (1-8 cubic yards).  In addition, services are also provided using compactor containers (2 cubic yards) for high rise buildings (usually more than 6 floors).  All containers must be placed in a trash room or and an enclosed area out of the public’s site.

To view a list of the sanitation fees please review the current Fee Booklet.

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All programs are available after October 1st of each fiscal year. Please call (954) 457-1618, before the day of the giveaway, to confirm that programs are running since they are subject to fund availability.

Tree Giveaway
The City of Hallandale Beach sponsors a tree giveaway program, which serves as an effective means of encouraging beautification of the City. Residents have the opportunity to receive one (1) small tree (6-8 feet) each year for single homes and six (6) small trees (6-8 feet) each year for multifamily units or more than 4 units per fiscal year. 
Multifamily residents should submit a request providing 6 names and units number to be able to receive six (6) trees. Condominium Association board should submit a request on official letterhead with a copy of the minutes where the request was discussed and approved by the Condominium Association Board. Trees are delivered to the residences for free.

This program is available to residents on a first come first serve basis and until funds are depleted.  For more information please call (954) 457-1618.
Sod Give–Away
Residents of single family, or duplex homes are eligible to participate in this program. Cost of sod will be shared, 50% to be paid by the resident and 50% to be paid by the City. Residents would be required to properly install and maintain the sod including adequate irrigation system.

Proof of Residence
Each resident is required to provide a valid driver’s license and utility bill demonstrating residency within the City of Hallandale Beach. Upon proof of residency the Department of Public Works will provide the resident with a voucher containing all the pertinent information to schedule delivery of sod using a local nursery.

The program will be available to residents on a first come basis and eligibility is limited to one time participation per property. The city will cover up to two pallets and the resident will match with at least two pallets for a total of four pallets. For more information please call (954) 457-1618.
Flower & Shrub Giveaway Program
The City of Hallandale Beach sponsors a free flower and shrub giveaway program, which serves as an effective means of encouraging beautification of the City. Residents have the opportunity to pick-up seasonal flowers and may receive up to 6 flowers or shrubs once a year. The flowers are distributed quarterly from 8:00 am to 11:00 am on the 2nd  Saturday on the following months:
  • November 
  • February
  • May 
  • August 
Residents are invited to come to the City’s Public Works Compound at 630 NW 2nd Street to pick up the plants. Records are kept and identification is required as proof of residency in the City.  Please call (954) 457-1618 for additional information.

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The Memorial Tree Program provides a means to establish a living memorial to remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion such as a birth, graduation or other significant event.

City staff furnishes labor and initial care to planting a City approved tree in one of several community and neighborhood parks throughout the City as a living tribute. Contact the Finance Department at (954) 457-1361 to make contributions and obtain a memorial tree.

Tax Deductible Contributions
Contributions to the City of Hallandale Beach for the Memorial Tree Program are tax deductible. Contributions are accepted in any amount for deposit into the fund, or a full cost contribution permits the donor to select the type of tree and park in which it will be planted.

Program Locations
A Memorial Tree may be planted at any of the following parks:     
  • Bluesten Park -  501 Southeast First Avenue
  • O.B. Johnson Park -  900 Northwest Eighth Avenue
  • Golden Isles Park - 100 Egret Drive
  • Ingalls Park - 735 Southwest First Street
  • Joseph Scavo Park - 900 Three Islands Boulevard

Donor Public Acknowledge
The name of a donor to the Memorial Tree Program and the name of the person commemorated will be inscribed in a special book at City Hall. The names of those donating the full cost will be engraved on the Memorial Tree Plaque on display at City Hall. A card of acknowledgment will be sent to the family or person designated, advising that their loved one has been memorialized in this way. All contributions will be acknowledged to donors.

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The City of Hallandale has partnered with Broward County to participate in the Adopt-a-Street Program. A minimum of ½ mile segment of a residential street may be adopted by an individual or an organization. The participant or group leader agrees to pick up litter at least four times per year for a two-year period. At the conclusion of the two years the participant may renew the adoption or the street will be put up for adoption again. The group leader would contact Ms. Clara Hill at Broward County (954) 474-1860 who will provide information on the guidelines for participation.

To view a map showing the streets that are in the program click on this link: View Map

For more information visit the Broward County Adopt-a-Street Site

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2015 Beautification Incentive Award - Cover.jpg
           Beautification Award                         

The Public Works Department, along with the City’s Beautification Board Members, present awards to residential, multi-family and business properties that have been selected by the Beautification Board as outstanding in regards to upkeep and beauty of their landscaping.

Each year several residential homes, multi-family properties and businesses are selected to receive the Beautification Award.  To view the pictures of the selected properties please click on the link to the right.  (It will take about 2-3 minutes for presentation to download).

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The Public Works Department, along with the City’s Beautification Board Members, present awards to residential, multi-family and business properties that have been selected by the Beautification Board as outstanding in regards to originality of the holiday lights décor.

Each year several residential homes, multi-family properties, mobile homes and businesses are selected to receive the Holiday Lights Award. The awards are usually presented during the second Commission meeting December. To view the pictures of properties selected at  the last  Holiday Light Award ceremony click the link to the right(It will take about 2-3 minutes for presentation to download).

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              2015 Arbor-Earth Day Poster Presentation Cover Page.jpgArbor/Earth Day Poster Contest


The Public Works Department and the City’s Beautification Board Members present awards to elementary students from kindergarten to fifth grade for participating in the Arbor/Earth Day Poster Contest.

To view pictures of the students and their posters, please click on the link to the right (It will take about 2-3 minutes for presentation to download).

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