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Down Payment Assistance/Affordable Housing Program

If you are interested in this program, please call the CRA to inquire on application: 954-457-1422 
CRA does not accept walk-in inquiries

Program Overview

·         The City of Hallandale Beach CRA assists First Time Homebuyers with the down payment and/or closing  for the purchase of a first home.  An individual who has never owned a home or has not owned a home for at least three (3) years is considered a first time homebuyer and is therefore eligible.

·         Under the First Time Homebuyers program, the Hallandale Beach CRA provides up to $50,000 in assistance to be used towards a down payment and or clsoing costs. The applicant is required to provide a minimum of $2,000 towards the down payment.

·         The assistance will become a second mortgage and take the form of a 0% forgivable loan for a ten-year period.  HBCRA assitance will be subordinate only to a mortgage onthe same property fromthe primary lender.  

Highland Park Village

·         You must apply and be approved by a financial institution (bank, credit union or mortgage broker) for the additional funds to pay for the cost of the home/new construction. The assistance will be disbursed upon the closing on the loan with the lender.

·         The City owns several vacant lots that may be purchased at the assessed value.

Download the Frist Time Homebuyers Application from the documents center 


·         You meet the income requirements.

·         You are employed or retired.

·         You have an acceptable credit score.

·         You obtain a first mortgage from a financial institution for the additional funds.

·         You are able to provide 3% of the mortgage amount as a down payment.


Income Requirements

Your annually income must be equal or less than the following current income limits (amended from time to time by Broward County):


Family Size


80% Area Median


120% Area Median





























Loan Assistance Increments

The First Time Homebuyers Program will approve homebuyer applicants for funding assistance for amounts up to $50,000. The increments are as follows:

·         $25,000 for applicants whose income is below Broward County’s 120% median income as defined by the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

·         $50,000 for applicants whose income is below 80% of Broward County’s median income as defined by the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Additional Monies/Funds for Buyer

Applicants are authorized and encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. When award of additional funds is available the City’s Mortgage must remain in second place.


Required Documents

Please be advised that in order to process your application, in addition to a completed signed application form, you also must also provide photocopies of the following documentation:


Identification: (all of the following that apply)

·         ID (Florida driver’s license, voter’s registration card or FL ID card)

·         Birth Certificates or United States Passport

·         Marriage Certificate (if owners/co-owners last name is different than spouse)

·         Divorce Certificate

·         Verification of residence, i.e. Alien Registration, etc.


Income: (all of the following that apply)

·         Signed last 2 years Income Tax forms with W2’s

·         Verification of employment: pay stubs to cover last 6 months

·         Profit & Loss Statement (if self employed)

·         Current Social Security Award letter – if applicable

·         Worker’s Compensation letter – if applicable

·         Unemployment Compensation letter – if applicable

·         Pension Statement – if applicable

·         Child Support (Court Order) – if applicable

·         Alimony (Court Order) – if applicable

·         VA Benefits (Award Letter) – if applicable

·         Food Stamps (Award letter) – if applicable


Financial Statements: (all of the following that apply)

·         Last 3 months bank statements (All pages) for CHECKING and SAVINGS

·         “Gift Letter” is required if a relative is GIVING you funds toward the purchase

·         Latest statement for all IRA’s, 401Ks, 457K, Profit Sharing, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc.

·         Commitment letter from a lender-required with submission of application.

Click here for a list of APPROVED LENDERS.


·        Proof of balance due on credit cards, car loans, bank loans, student loans, etc.

   Credit Report (within the last three months)

·        Rental receipts for last six months 

·        Bankruptcy Papers 

·        Certificate of Completion for First Time Home Buyer’s Course
Classes are free, but you must pre-register 

Classes available through:

                            Agency                               Phone Number                                Schedule

 Housing Foundation of America                954-923-5001


Urban League of Broward


2nd Saturday of each month

Broward Housing Authority


2nd Saturday of each month

Neighborhood Housing Services  

954-564-4037 ext 1127

2nd or 3rd Saturday of each month

Hope Human Resource Dev.


4th Saturday of each month

If you do not submit all the above required documents, your application will not be processed.