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Utility Billing Division
Utility Billing Division * Utility Rates * Utility Documents and Forms

To increase efficiency, the City of Hallandale Beach is upgrading the utility billing and tracking system. Beginning January 1, 2016, all utility connections will be billed directly to the property owner of record listed on the Broward County Property Appraiser’s website. This change will primarily affect property owners who lease residential or commercial property. Property owners can begin changing over utility billing information from tenants to the primary owner beginning September 1, 2014. Property owners will have a 16-month window to make the conversion. Also, if a property owner uses a bank card and registers for the City’s convenient direct-withdrawal program, the City will waive the per unit deposit fee. For more information, please call Customer Service at 954-457-1360.

To view Chapter 30 "Utilities" ordinance please click the link:


The Utility Billing Division of the Finance Department is responsible for the financial administration of the Enterprise Funds of the City. The functions of the division include accounting for the utility funds, processing water, sewer, sanitation, stormwater, fire inspection and fire line rental bills, and researching and responding to customer inquires and complaints regarding billing and service.

Program Functions

Generate service billings on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis for activities within the City. Obtain billing information through written and verbal communication with the various departments, divisions and outside vendors within the scope of the commercial funds. Communicate this information in a timely and efficient manner to all City customers and/or Hallandale Beach property owners.

Customer Relations
Provide answers to inquiries and resolve complaints on billing or service problems.  Provide a positive message regarding the City and its staff to new residents when signing requests for City services.

Accounts Receivable/Cashier
Receives and records in the appropriate General Ledger account money collected by the City.

Pursue the collection of all outstanding revenues by sending delinquent notices to past due customers, filing liens, telephoning debtors, mailing a series of final request letters, stopping City services and forwarding the debtor to the City Accounting Clerk III for additional collection procedures.

Clerical Assistance
This division also oversees the reception service for the City's communication switchboard. 

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Current Rates

Residential Deposit Requirements

For Owners* $200.00 per unit
Meter Size Over 2" Estimated 3 months service bills

Nonresidential Deposit Requirements
The deposit will be the greater of either three months' estimated average service bills or the following:

Meter Size











4” and up

Estimated 3 months service bills

*Proof of ownership and valid picture identification required.
**Lease or owner information and valid picture identification required.

Connection Service Charge $20.00
Connection Service Charge (after 4:00) $30.00
Disconnecting Service Charge $20.00






Base charge per unit



0 – 2,000 gallons



2,001 – 5,000 gallons



5,001 – 10,000 gallons



10,001 – 25,000 gallons



Over 25,000 gallons





***Plus 10% Utility Tax
(Residential) Stormwater Drainage Fee (Monthly) $3.35.


Sanitation Fee - $18.87 per month per unit for single family to four unit residences commercial rates apply to multifamily units of five (5) or more.
Rear-Yard Pickup - $8.00 per month per residence for automated containers not placed on the swale area adjacent to the road way.

Additional Automated Containers $4.25 Per Month Per Container
Additional Automated Pickup $9.11 Per Month
(Two (2) Pickups Per Week.  

For additional automated containers or additional automated pickup, contact Sanitation Services at (954) 457-1616.

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Utility Service Information - Effective 08-20-14
The City of Hallandale Beach strives to provide one of the lowest water and sewer rates in Broward County. Hallandale Beach can maintain these low rates because utility customers agree to abide by the following conditions of service included in City Ordinances:

  • Utility bills are DUE AND PAYABLE MONTHLY WITHIN TWENTY DAYS OF THE BILLING DATE {City Ordinance No. 30-3(4.a.)}. We are not responsible for lost or undelivered bills. Therefore, if your bill is not received timely, you should call the Water Department immediately to avoid penalties and interrupted services. (Call the Customer Relations Representative, at (954) 457-1360, for assistance.)
  • A late charge of 10% is added to accounts not paid within twenty (20) days of the billing date {City Ordinance No. 30.3(4.b.)}. This penalty will be applied to the following month's bill.
  • Delinquent notices are sent to customers as a final request for payment before service is disconnected. We are not responsible for lost or undelivered notices.
  • Water service is shut off for any utility billing which is not paid within thirty (30) days from the original date of billing. A disconnect/reconnect service charge of $40.00 must be paid prior to restoring service. {City Ordinance No. 30-10(4.b)}.
  • Payments are processed based on the following guidelines:1. Night drop payments are posted as received the next business day.  2. Payments are applied to the oldest outstanding balance first.   
  • All changes to a utility account, including requests for disconnection, must be in writing and accompanied by a picture I.D. Documentation may be brought, faxed or mailed into the Commercial Division of the City.
  • The City will pursue the prior owner of past due balances for sixty days. However, because the current property owner of record is responsible for all outstanding balances of the property, all unpaid balances after sixty days will be transferred to the new owner’s account.

Payments methods are as follows:

  • Mailing your payment with the remittance stub to City Hall.
  • Bringing your payment and remittance stub to City Hall between the hours of 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Depositing payments (no cash) with the remittance stub in an envelope in the night drop at City Hall after 5:00 pm.
  • Signing up for your direct debit service.

For more information on this service, contact the Customer Service Representative at        (954) 457-1360.  For additional automated containers or additional automated pickup, contact the Sanitation Department at (954) 457-1616