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2014 Employee Recognition Awards
Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Edward Diaz

Sergeant Diaz has been assigned to ISD since 2010. Throughout the years he has learned and excelled as an ISD Supervisor. In 2013 and 2014, the city of Hallandale Beach experienced numerous Homicides and Officer Involved Shootings along with numerous other cases that consisted of Sergeant Diaz responding and supervising a major crime scene. Diaz, without hesitation, took charge of these major scenes and began making numerous important decisions on how to proceed in a thorough, professional and legal manner. Diaz directed other Detectives to secure witnesses, maintain crime scene integrity, allocated the appropriate resources for what would be needed for the incident, secured search warrants and constantly notified his chain of command of what was transpiring. Sergeant Diaz has also dedicated many hours to mentoring new Detectives assigned to ISD. He ensured they received the appropriate FTO training, obtained all of their equipment and gave direction on what courses to take to excel as a Detective. Diaz is also responsible for grooming one of our Homicide Detectives who has excelled in a very short time along with assisting him with solving all of his assigned Homicide cases and being selected the 2013 Detective of Year. Diaz has earned the trust and respect of his Detectives by purely being a genuine, trustworthy, reliable and competent supervisor.


Officer of the Year / Officer of the 2nd Quarter
Ofc. Higgins.jpg


Officer Jennifer Higgins

On 02/16/2014, Officers set up a perimeter for a burglary in progress. Officer Higgins observed the suspect approaching. She approached the suspect, at which time she attempted to take him into custody. The suspect punched her and ran. Officer Higgins immediately gave chase and advised it on the radio. She chased him to the rear of some residences and when she lost sight of him she stopped. K-9 responded and located the suspect a short time later. On 03/16/2014, Officer Higgins responded as a back-up officer when she observed in plain view suspect cannabis. Upon entering the vehicle she observed a firearm. Further investigation revealed said firearm to be stolen. On 04/14/2014, Officer Higgins was patrolling when she observed a suspicious male carrying a heavy item and attempting to conceal himself from her. Upon making contact with the male she observed a brand new air compressor. Said male was homeless and could not dispel her alarm. It was determined that the air compressor was stolen and the male was arrested. On 04/09/2014, Officer Higgins observed a suspicious male walking through the cemetery and arriving at 715 NW 7th AVE. Upon approach, said male and his four associates walked away and entered an apartment. Officer Higgins flashed her light inside of a vehicle she observed them standing by when she observed (plain view) suspect cannabis on the front seat. As she flashed her light at the floor board she observed a 45 semi-automatic handgun. Both the suspect cannabis and the loaded 45 semi-automatic were retrieved and placed into evidence.   

Officer Higgins is a new officer and has been working six months by herself. She is proactive and is always looking for criminal activity. She gathers her zone partners and conducts surveillance of areas known for narcotic activity and burglaries. The above listed cases illustrate what an effective officer she is. She has a desire to do right and catch the bad of society doing wrong. She works tirelessly and does not complain.


Civilian of the Year / Civilian of the 3rd Quarter
stephanie moliere.jpg

Stephanie Moliere

Stephanie has been an exemplary employee for HBPD. Stephanie always goes above and beyond to assist fellow coworkers with records issues. On top of her daily tasks in Records, Stephanie also handles a large portion of the Audit Records. Stephanie helps out at the front desk whenever called upon. She has also done a phenomenal job in training all the new hires for the front desk. She is responsible, reliable, dedicated to her work responsibilities and shows great potential of being a leader. This award shows Stephanie how much she is appreciated for all her hard work and contributions to HBPD. I also believe this will motivate her for greater achievements.


Volunteer of the Year
Montes, Angel.jpg


Angel Montes

Volunteer Montes has been a volunteer for the City of Hallandale Beach since April 2009.  He immediately brought a high degree of professionalism to the unit.  Volunteer Montes maintains a full time day job, but finds the time to volunteer in our city several hours a week.  He also holds the rank of Volunteer Sergeant and is a Field Training Officer responsible for the training of new volunteers. Additionally, he is the group’s fleet manager responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and cleanliness of the volunteer vehicles.  Montes has performed above the requirements of his normal duties with a high level of skill and enthusiasm. 

Officer of the 1st Quarter
Edward Mcgovern.JPG


Detective Eddie McGovern

Detective McGovern was assigned two separate cases involving a suspect who claimed to be a spiritual healer. Both of these victims reported being swindled out of a total amount of $80,000. During the investigation it was learned both of the victims had met the suspect at the Aventura Mall.  The suspect would introduce himself as a spiritual healer and would explain to the victims he could feel some type of connection to them. Each victim would meet with the suspect, at their residences in the city of Hallandale Beach, and over the course of a few months the suspect was able to steal their life savings.  Detective McGovern was given a name of the suspect by the victims yet further investigation revealed this to be a false identity.  Informational pamphlets with details related to the crimes were dispersed yet a true identity for the suspect was not located. Approximately one month into the investigation, Detective McGovern learned one of the victims had taken the suspect to a printing company in the City of Hallandale Beach.  Detective McGovern responded to each printing company and was able to locate the store which printed business cards for the suspect.  The store owner had the same name provided by the victims; therefore Detective McGovern was unable to make an identification of the suspect.  Prior to leaving, Detective McGovern provided the store owner with his information and to contact him if the suspect ordered anymore business cards. Approximately six months passed, when Detective McGovern received a call from the printing shop.  The owner advised the suspect had ordered new cards to an address in Fort Lauderdale.  Detective McGovern responded to the location and conducted surveillance. During the surveillance Detective McGovern observed a male matching the description of the suspect.  Contact was made and Detective McGovern confirmed he had located the suspect.  Armed with the suspect’s true identity, Detective McGovern provided photo line ups to the victims and they both gave positive identifications of the suspect. 


Civilian of the 1st Quarter


Anthony Maniglia

CSA Maniglia, who is currently assigned to the Investigations Services Division, was requested to recover video for a theft of an iPad from Walgreens. As he monitored the video, CSA Maniglia noticed the suspect had utilized his Walgreens swipe card prior to committing the theft. On his own “hunch”, CSA Maniglia made contact with Walgreens management and was able to recover the suspect’s information.  CSA Maniglia went one step further and upon learning the name, he located the suspect’s residence in the City of Hallandale Beach. This information was turned over to the lead detective and subsequently he was able to quickly make contact with the suspect.  The suspect admitted to stealing the iPad and turned it over to the detective.  The victim, who was extremely grateful, was notified and her iPad was returned. CSA Maniglia went well above and beyond his normal duties.

Officer of the 3rd Quarter
Officer M.Jackson III.jpg


Officer Martin Jackson III

On 5/18/2014, Officer Jackson advised he was notified a male suspect had been taken into custody for a robbery by a Metro-Dade Officer.  Furthermore, Officer Jackson recognized that the male’s description and method of operation (MO) was similar to the past two robberies in the City of Hallandale Beach.  Officer Jackson provided the suspects name and that he was currently being held at a Miami-Dade Jail in Hialeah.  A Detective was contacted and he was able to procure a full confession from the suspect for the two robberies that occurred in the City of Hallandale Beach. I want commend Officer Jackson on being aware of current crime trends and his awareness to pass along pertinent information in a timely manner. 

Officer of the 4th Quarter
Officer A.Vera.jpg

Officer Alex Vera

Officer Vera prepares and distributes care packages to the homeless community in the City of Hallandale Beach.  The care packages are prepared with his own personal funds and contain: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and other personal hygiene products.  Some families living in poverty fall into homelessness as a result of some unforeseen financial challenge, which creates a situation where a family cannot maintain housing.  This kind gesture by Officer Vera shows that negative interactions between police officers and homeless people can be avoided through educational efforts to change police culture and attitudes toward homelessness.   This may also provide someone that is homeless with a greater sense of self-worth or even open a door that will give a person a fresh start to a new life.  As an agency, we appreciate and give thanks to Officer Vera as this demonstrates community support and sets an inspiring example to others through his efforts, compassion and outstanding contributions made to the homeless community. 

Civilian of the 4th Quarter
Gelfo, Angelette.jpg

Angelette Gelfo

Police Clerk Gelfo is the first person most officers go to when they have a question about records.  She works diligently to get the information that is requested of her quickly.  On top of her regular duties in records she is also the agency’s TAC, as well as the backup Evidence and Property custodian. Police Clerk Gelfo consistently demonstrates professionalism when dealing with both members of the department as well as members of the public

Life Saving Awards

Officer John Cameron

On Sunday, October 13, 2013, at approximately 0200 hours, Officer Cameron advised dispatch requesting Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue respond to 901 South Federal Highway (Gulfstrearn Racing and Casino) because a patron Maxine Robinson was on the second floor casino and was having difficulty breathing. Minutes later, Mrs. Robinson passed out and stopped breathing. Officer Cameron immediately advised dispatch and began CPR until HBFR responded. Mrs. Robinson was transported to Aventura Hospital where she was stabilized and breathing on her own. Officer Cameron's heroic actions are the sole reason that Mrs. Robinson is alive.


Officer M.Mckenzie.jpg

Officer Michael Mckenzie

On November 11, 2013, at approximately 1345 hours, Officer McKenzie came upon a motorcyclist who had struck a vehicle. The juvenile was not wearing a helmet and had sustained a serious head injury. The youth was semi-conscious and bleeding heavily from his head and mouth. Due to his mouth being filled with blood he was gasping for air and could not breathe. Officer McKenzie acted swiftly and without hesitation administered immediate life saving measures by clearing the boy's airway of blood so he could get air. He continued to hold the victim's head sideways keeping his airway clear of the draining blood, which sustained his life until fire rescue units arrived on scene several minutes later. Officer McKenzie's selfless act and quick action, without question prevented this young victim from choking to death on his own blood.

Unit Citation Award

Investigative Services Division

Captain Pedro Abut, Sergeants Alan Hatch and Edward Diaz, Detectives Christopher Goulding, Marco McAdam, Lane Sauls, Marc Dubuisson, Alex Villanueva, Wissem Mejdoub, Leon Florez, Chris Greico, Donna Carlson, Ethan Bangsil, Anthony Distefano, Victor Lynch Crime Scene Technicians Chris Redfern and Jose Rosales, Victim Advocate Jill Fogel, Crime Analyst Jackie Rivera, and AOA’s Margarita Rey, Moncell Kemp, and Anthony Maniglia.

The Investigative Services Division is charged with the responsibility of investigating criminal activity in the City of Hallandale Beach.  Assigned personnel remain dedicated in serving the needs of our city and actively solicit the support of the community in our quest to keep this a great place to live and work.  All investigations and civilian personnel require that sufficient evidence be gathered to identify the perpetrator through witness interviews, interrogations and physical evidence.  The primary goal and function of this division is to ensure that all investigations are complete and properly prepared for prosecution.  For FY 2013-2014, this division reviewed thousands of cases, of which numerous were assigned for follow up investigations.  These cases included Homicides, Robberies, Burglaries, Auto Thefts, Kidnappings, Aggravated Batteries, Aggravated Assaults, Numerous Juvenile cases and Officer Involved Shootings. Without exception, the detectives, crime scene technicians, and civilian personnel assigned to ISD exemplified a proactive approach to all investigations throughout the entire 2014 year.  Their hard work, dedication, and professionalism led to the positive outcome and arrest of numerous subjects charged with misdemeanants and serious violent felonies.  Teamwork was an essential part of their overall success and all assigned personnel embodied this thought during their daily assignments.  With great appreciation and admiration, I proudly nominate the members assigned to ISD for their exceptional performance in the year 2014.

Continuous Service and Good Conduct Awards

5 Years:
Officer Eric Bruce, Officer Thomas D’Orazio, Officer Megan Jones, Officer Alexander Valchev, Officer Galen Wilson

10 Years: Det. Christopher Allen, Sergeant Ricky Buoni, Victim Advocate Jill Fogel, Officer Carmine Tufano

15 Years: Detective Gregory Hippolyte, Marc Dubuisson,  Officer Jason Budnick, Sergeant RaShana  Dabney-Donovan, Officer Michael McKenzie, Officer Miguel Mirabal, Officer Sean Walters, Raymond Buckley

20 Years:
Captain Stuart Shook  and Sonia Quinones

25 Years:
AOA Margarita Rey