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2013 Employee Recognition Awards
Officer of the 1st Quarter
Mario Cicatello.JPG

Sergeant Mario Cicatello

Officers were dispatched to a domestic incident where a subject was heard making verbal threats to shoot a family member. You immediately took command of the incident and began to instruct officers on what their responsibilities were. You were clear with giving directions to your officers and what you needed them to do. You played a vital role in this incident and because of the decisions you made on scene the end result of this incident was a positive one where the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

Civilian Volunteer of 1st Quarter
Volunteer Cruz Marquez

You have been a volunteer in the PAL Program for over five years. You have been instrumental in PAL’s sports fundraisers for the last few years which have generated thousands of dollars. During the first quarter you took over as the Cheerleader Commission for our POP Warner Program. This position not only ensured that you had to be at every practice five days a week, you also had to be at games all day Saturdays and attend special league meetings throughout the season. In addition under your guidance, PAL’s Pee Wee Division cheerleaders came in 2nd place at the Greater Miami POP Warner competition. This reward automatically qualified the girls to attend the Regional Championships in Orlando. As is PAL’s practice, all monies required to attend outside competitions must be raised by that group with no City dollars utilized. You organized numerous fund raisers including candy sales and raffles. Not only did you raise enough money to transport, feed and house the girls in Orlando, you were also able to buy new uniforms and warm-up suits. The pride that the girls took in attending this event will stay with them for a lifetime.

Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Timothy Church

Our agency received complaints of individuals selling and using narcotics in the area  of 1000 block of Foster Road. Sgt. Church took the initiative to request access to Hallandale High School in order to conduct surveillance of the area of concern. Sgt. Church conducted surveillance at the location and observed three individuals engaged in criminal activity. Sgt. Church requested the zone officers to respond to the area and he gave specific descriptions of each of the individuals and specifically the one individual who he believed retrieved a firearm from the rear of a vehicle and concealed it in his waistband. Sgt. Church advised the officers to make contact with the individuals. As officers arrived the suspect who he believed to be concealing the firearm fled on foot. Sgt. Church took command of the scene requesting a perimeter be established and advised certain officers to secure the area of where he witnessed the suspect discard the possible firearm. Ofc. Vera located the suspect and placed him into custody. Sgt. Church requested assistance searching the area for the firearm which was recovered. The suspect has a criminal recorded and is known to be violent. Thanks to Sgt. Church for taking the initiative to do "good old fashion" police work a firearm and a dangerous suspect was taken off the streets of Hallandale Beach. Sgt. Church displayed true leadership as he coordinated with the school staff and with the officers on his squad to investigate this complaint of criminal activity. 

Administrative Excellence
ricky b pics.bmp

Sergeant Ricky Buoni

Sergeant Ricky Buoni is nominated for the Administrative Excellence Award for his improvement and advancement of the position of Range Master at our agency. When Sergeant Buoni took over as Range Master we were tracking our qualifications records utilizing a notebook with hand written qualification sheets. Sergeant Buoni quickly automated our qualifications records into an easy to update and search spreadsheet. Sergeant Buoni was instrumental in entering into an agreement with the City of Hollywood range that allows our officers the safety and comfort of qualifying in a secure police range instead of an open public range as we had in the past. When our agency purchased inventory software, Sergeant Buoni quickly utilized the system to provide a central tracking system for our entire department issued and armory weapons. Sergeant Buoni’s efforts led to increased accountability on weapons.

As Range Master Sergeant Buoni has also instituted yearly inspections of weapons that includes a complete breakdown and rebuild of the weapon. During this inspection worn parts are replaced to keep all weapons operating like new. While other departments have experienced some failures with Glock weapons, we have not. I believe Sergeant Buoni’s efforts have made our officer feel more confident about their weapons and have made us safer.

Sergeant Buoni has also been instrumental in providing scenario based, simunitions training to all officers. During the last quarter, Sergeant Buoni created a four scenario shoot house at the Hollywood Range that provided officers' reality based training with shoot don't shoot scenarios. Sergeant Buoni's efforts since becoming Range Master have advanced the position, better organized the department, and improved the morale and professional training of our officers. 

Officer of 3rd Quarter
Edward Mcgovern.JPG

Detective Eddie McGovern 

On May 1,2013, a tri-county bolo was issued in an effort to identify a juvenile (White Female Possible name of "Tiffany") who was being exploited in pornographic movies. The bolo was issued by the Nebraska State Police. More then 100 Officer's and Detectives attempted to located and/or search for "Tiffany" in the South Florida Area (Attached is a list of all the law enforcement personnel involved in the search). Several responding emails were returned to the Nebraska State Police with negative results in locating "Tiffany". Detective McGovern also endeavored into searching and identifying "Tiffany". Within a few hours Detective McGovern located the female via Facebook. This information was passed along to the Nebraska State Police and "Tiffany" was located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Detective McGovern's quick identification of this exploited juvenile surely saved her from further psychological and physical harm. I would like to commend Detective McGovern for a Great Job! 

Civilian of the 3rd Quarter
T. Smith.jpg

CSA Tiffany Smith

CSA Smith was assigned to the Alpha I Squad shortly after the 2013 rollover. She has been the only CSA assigned to our squad and has worked as the only CSA during each of her shifts. CSA Smith has never once complained or made any comment about being the only CSA and having to conduct all the duties herself. She readily accepts every call for service and assignment with a great attitude and completes her work in a timely and efficient manner. There have been many nights where she has had to process multiple crime scenes, as well as handle calls for service and she has done so without issue. One incident that comes to mind is a shift where she had to process a scene, late into her shift. Due to her running over her shift ending, her child had to be dropped off at headquarters so she could finish her work. CSA Smith did not complain or even mention the inconvenience this must have caused her. I think this shows her dedication to duty and her positive attitude. CSA Smith is a pleasure to supervise and I appreciate the hard work she has put in this year. She has conducted herself as a true professional at all times and should be commended for her selfless effort.
It is in my most humble opinion that CSA Tiffany Smith be recognized for this award, due to her dedication to duty. 

Officer of the 4th Quarter
Det. Rafael Matias.jpg


Officer Rafael Matias

Officer Rafael Matias is nominated as the Officer of the Quarter for his continual dedication to the department and the officers he works with. Officer Matias was transferred back to the Road from ISD this year, at the latter stage of his career. Officer Matias returned with a positive attitude and quickly became a mentor the other members of his squad. He utilized his vast tactical knowledge, from his years on SWAT, to advance young officers safety skills. He routinely responded to death scenes and other serious crimes and provided young officers guidance from his knowledge gained in ISD. When his squad lost a Sergeant earlier in the year, Officer Matias was asked to help out further by becoming an Acting Sergeant. Officer Matias began by taking over radio duties and acting as an Officer in Charge. Officer Matias then learned the Report Manager system and began to review and approve reports. Officer Matias has since learned all the functions of a Road Patrol sergeant and has gained the full confidence of his officers and the Command Staff. Officer Matias continued to be a leader, mentor, and role model for the other officer on his squad and did so with a great attitude and enthusiasm. Thanks to Officer Matias' efforts, far above and beyond his responsibility, we were able to provide competent supervision to his squad without continually incurring overtime and overburdening other sergeants. 

Civilian of the 4th Quarter
tanya c pics.bmp

CSA Tanya Clarke 

CSA Clarke has exceeded all expectation and work productivity. As her role on the traffic unit she is in charge of reviewing and updating all tracks reports and statistics. She is constantly asked to help outside of her normal scope of duties on which she is happy to accommodate. This usually means that she has to adjust her work hours or stay over a little to get the job done. She is truly a team player and does more than her share of the work. 

Life Saving Award


Officer Jerome Dolabaille                Officer Frederick Sanks
Officer Yan Kleyman                      Officer Aaron Smith
Officer Pietro Roccisano                 Officer Alexander Valchev
Officer Alexander Rodriguez

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, each of you responded to the Intracoastal Waterway in reference to a suicidal subject. While en-route, dispatch advised that the subject had jumped from the top of the East Hallandale Beach Draw Bridge and was now struggling in the water. Upon arrival, you observed not one, but three subjects struggling to keep their heads above water. In a combined and well-orchestrated effort, you proceeded to assist and render aid to the three subjects.  Armed with "Throw Ropes", you entered the water under the bridge and were successful in extracting all three parties. Upon being removed from the water, you directed responding city "Fire Rescue" units to a staging area where care and treatment of the individuals could be provided. Investigation revealed the suicidal subject: Maria Spring, jumped from the top of the bridge in an effort to end her life, over the break-up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend: Austin Solis and Spring's cousin: Ligia Vera, upon seeing Spring jump, then entered the waterway, from under the bridge, in an effort to safe Spring. In the end, all three subjects experienced difficulties negotiating the cold, dark water and needed the aid of responding officers to be rescued. If not for your quick thinking actions this incident would most likely have had a more tragic outcome.

Life Saving  Awards: 
Officer Leon Florez 
   Officer Ahed McDaniel
Officer Troy Tortorici

Officer of the Year / Lola Salzman Memorial Award of Excellence
Wissem Mejdoub.jpg


Detective Wissem Mejdoub

On July 06, 2013, a deceased white male was found lying next to a dumpster to the rear of a bank located at 1900 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Detective Mejdoub responded to the scene and began his investigation. With very little information, due to the victim being homeless and very little evidence of any foul play, it appeared the death was a result of unknown natural causes. The Medical Examiner’s Office, who responded to the scene, agreed and took control of the victim's body pending an autopsy. Upon completion of the autopsy, it was discovered the victim had several internal injuries caused from blunt force trauma from an unknown source. The victim had a fractured left hyoid bone, three left broken ribs, one right broken rib and a large Hematoma to the abdomen area. The Hematoma caused internal bleeding in which the Medical Examiner’s Office ruled as the cause of death. Despite these findings it was still unknown how the victim had received these injuries and at the time there were no witness's.


In spite of the lack of evidence, Detective Mejdoub strongly suspected foul play had caused the injuries to the victim. While he worked an off duty detail (Wal-Mart) Detective Mejdoub made contact with several of the homeless community who frequent the area. His pro-active approach paid off and he made contact with a witness who knew the victim. The witness advised she had overheard another homeless person advising he was awoken by a person named "Carl", who was also homeless, on the Saturday morning the victim was discovered. The witness further stated “Carl”, asked the other homeless person “Timmy” to call the police because he believed the victim was dead. Detective Mejdoub spent countless hours searching through several databases for Timmy and was able to locate a picture of him. Shortly thereafter, Detective Mejdoub located Timmy in the area of the Wal-Mart plaza. Timmy advised Detective Mejdoub he was awoken by Carl on Saturday morning. He stated Carl told him he was drinking with the victim the night before and when he returned this morning the victim appeared to be dead. Timmy stated he told Carl to call the police yet he refused and begged for him to call. Timmy advised Detective Mejdoub he never called because he did not want to get involved and Carl eventually left the area. Detective Mejdoub continued his investigation and made contact with several other local homeless people and with their assistance he positively identified Carl Farmer as a person of interest.


Carl was located a few days later and voluntarily responded with Detective Mejdoub to police headquarters. Detective Mejdoub conducted a detailed interview obtaining valuable incriminating statements of what occurred to the deceased person. Detective Mejdoub ultimately obtained a confession from Carl and relayed this information to the Medical Examiner's Office. Due to Detective Mejdoub's interview and investigation, the Medical Examiner was able to reclassify this case from Undetermined to Homicide. Detective Mejdoub then made contact with the State Attorney's Office and had a conversation in regards to this investigation. The SAO concurred with Detective Mejdoub's findings and his recommendation to charge Carl Farmer with Second Degree Murder.


This case of a deceased homeless person could have easily been left as an "Undetermined Death", but Detective Mejdoub realized homeless people are one of the most vulnerable people in our society who have very few people to speak on their behalf. Detective Mejdoub became Gregory Payea's voice and advocate in this quest for justice.

Unit Citations Awards

Crisis Negotiation Team
Sergeant RaShana Donovan  
Detective Wayne Taylor 
Officer Eric Williams

Officers were dispatched to a domestic incident where a subject was heard making verbal threats to shot a family member. Officers arrived on scene and began to communicate with the occupants of the residence. Officers ordered the occupants from the residence at which time all parties exited the residence except for the suspect. The suspect was making statements that he would not come out and the police would have to shot him. Sgt. Cicatello did an outstanding job setting up the perimeters and debriefing the occupants of the residence. He obtained information that the suspect was in possession of a firearm the previous night and had been up all night using narcotics. The suspect refused to comply with the officers and exit the residence. Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team responded and began to communicate with the suspect. The suspect was extremely hostile and continued to make verbal threats to the fact that the police would have "to kill him" and that he did not want to live. The negotiations continued for approximately three hours where the suspect continued to hang up his phone to discontinue communications. He continued to yell profanities out the window attempting to agitate the officers and continued to yell that he wanted to die and the police would have to shoot him. Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team were persistent with trying to open a dialog and build trust with the suspect. The suspect's mother arrived on scene and confirmed the suspect had told her the night before he was going to die and he loved her. She stated he was unpredictable. Sgt. Donovan and Ofc. Williams conducted themselves in an utmost professional manner while negotiating with the suspect. Det. Taylor gathered intelligence on the suspect via his mother and our data base. This situation could have easily ended in an officer involved shooting incident because that is the threat the suspect continuously made that Officers would have to go in "guns blazing", that he was not coming out alive. The professionalism that the Members of the Crisis Negotiation Team displayed during this critical incident was outstanding. The suspect surrendered and was taken into custody without further incident.


Accreditation Team
Tanya Clarke
Evelyn Heath
Dannika Phillips

Accreditation Manager Dannika Phillips, Training Coordinator Evelyn Heath and CSA Tanya Clarke (Team) are excellent employees and perform an outstanding job in a most professional manner. They are pleasant, cooperative, efficient, unobtrusive, polite and willing to help with any task asked of them. They solve problems quickly and meet impossible deadlines. They have proven themselves time and again to be excellent team players, always working towards the greater good. Their strong commitment to our Agency and work ethic is commendable. This Team received outstanding evaluations, showed continued productivity, demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, and worked to make the HBPD a more professional organization.

This Team of three professionals did an outstanding job in ensuring our Agency was in compliance with Accreditation standards. They worked tirelessly around the clock to achieve all the goals and objectives needed for reaccreditation. As a result of Accreditation Manager Phillips' leadership and guidance through the entire process, our Agency successfully was awarded with the coveted Certificate of Reaccreditation. All three outside accreditation assessors spoke very highly of the Team and our Agency. Excellent job!!!

Continuous Service and Good Conduct Awards
Is given to sworn or civilian personnel for each five years of continuous service and not receiving any disciplinary action more severe than a written reprimand. 

     Five Years:                                           Fifteen Years:

    Det. John Faul                                        Captain Pedro Abut

    Officer Kevin Hebert                                 Sgt. Todd Crevier

    CSA Dena Costantini                               Det. Mark Dady

    Officer Carolyn Rose                               Officer Michael Miltnovich

    Det. Wayne Taylor 


   Ten Years:                                               Twenty Years:

    CSA Tanya Clarke                                     Sgt. Mario Cicatello

    Det. Christopher Grieco                             Officer Alan Warren

    AOA II Moncell Kemp

    Officer Thomas Montellanico

    Criminal I.D. Tech Jose Rosales