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Lobbyist Information
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means communicating directly or indirectly, in person, by telephone, by letter, or by any other form of communication, on behalf of any other with any City Commissioner, any member of any decision-making body under the jurisdiction of the Commission/Board, or any City employee, where the lobbyist seeks to influence a decision to me made by the Commission or Board, a decision to be made any decision-making body under the jurisdiction of the Commission or Board, or a final procurement decision to be made by a City employee.

Pursuant to City Resolution 2013-136, the Hallandale Beach City Commission requires lobbyists to register for each client annually with the City prior to lobbying. The City's registration fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) per client, and registrants must disclose publicly all lobbying activities within the City. Please click here to access the Administrative Policy and registration forms.  Click to view a 
Current List of Registered .  

The Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved Ordinance (#2011-19) relating to lobbying activities.

Lobbyist Requirements

Pursuant to Broward County's Ordinance No. 2011-19, Section 3(b), to promote full and complete transparency lobbyists and their principals or employers who intend to meet or otherwise communicate with an Elected Official for the purpose of engaging in lobbying activities, either at the Elected Official's officies or elsewhere on the local government's premises, must legibly complete a contact log listing each Elected Official with whom the lobbyist, principal, or employer meets or intends on meeting or communicating.

  1. The information stated on the contact log shall include the lobbyist's name; the name of the entity by which the lobbyist's is employed; the name of the person or entity for whom or which he or she is lobbying; the name; the name of each Elected Official with whom he or she is  meeting or communicating; the date and time of each such meeting; and the specific purpose and subject matter of each such meeting.
  2. The contact log shall be completed contemporaeneously with the meeting(s) and shall be filed for public inspection. 

Elected Official Requirements

Section 3(c), to further promote full and complete transparency, Elected Officials must disclose any and all lobbying activity that knowingly occurs between themselves and individual lobbyits or their rprincipals or employers outside their governments offices/premises.  This shall include communicating by any form of telephonic or electronic media.

  1. The disclosure shall include the lobbyist's name; the name of the entity by which the lobbyist is employed; the name of the person or entity for whom or which he or she is lobbying; the date, time and location of the meeting; and the specific purpose and subject matter of the meeting. 
  2. The disclosure shall be made within ten (10) business days of the lobbying activity, but must, in any event, be made prior to 
    any vote on a matter that was the subject of the lobbying activity.
  3. The dislclosue shall be filed for public inspection.  




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Please contact the City Clerk's Office for further information at (954) 457-1340.