Building Division

The Building Division implements the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC) and Broward County Administrative Provisions currently in effect to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare. Our responsibility is to ensuring compliance with the Florida Building Code and the laws and regulations set forth by the City of Hallandale Beach. In this capacity, the division: 

  • Reviews residential, commercial and accessory structure building plans; 
  • Issues applicable trade building permit, such as, plumbing, irrigation, mechanical, and   electrical permits for new residential and commercial construction as well as permits for additions, alterations/repairs to existing structures; 
  • Performs building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, miscellaneous and sign inspections; 
  • Processes Certificate of Occupancy ; 
  • Registers licensed contractors (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and irrigation) to perform work;
  • Provides building code and unsafe structure enforcement; and
  • Educates and conducts public safety and awareness programs.

The Building Division is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and Counter hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Our offices are located on the first floor of City Hall, at 400 S. Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. For more information about how the Building Division can help you or your business, please stop by our offices or call us at (954) 457-1383 or email us at:

Permit Applications

All the forms and applications needed for the Building Services Division are found at the Building Applications and Forms. Each permit application includes pertinent information about the permitting requirements for that type of permit. Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   page or contact the Building Division directly for questions. 

Owner/Builder Permit

If you own and occupy a one or two family house you may be eligible to act as your own contractor per State Statute (489.103(7). As an owner builder though, if you do not complete all of the work yourself, you must supervise the work, and hire licensed trade subcontractors (electrician, plumbing, a/c, and roof) in accordance with state law. Owners acting as their own contractor are required to personally appear for all permitting, provide proof that the property is properly insured and be present for all inspections. All the requirements are found on the Owner Builder Affidavit

Notice of Commencement

A Notice of Commencement must be recorded at the Broward County Governmental Center, County Record Division for any work valued over $2,500.00 ($7,500.00 for mechanical permits). See next item, regarding the Florida Lien Law. 

Florida Lien Law

According to Florida law, those who work on your property or provide materials, and are not paid-in-full, have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property. This claim is known as a construction lien. If your contractor fails to pay subcontractors or material suppliers, the people who are owed money may look to your property for payment, even if you have paid your contractor in full. This means that if a lien is filed against your property, your property could be sold against your will to pay for labor, materials, or other services which your contractor may have failed to pay. This document provides information regarding Florida Statute 713, Part 1, as it pertains to home construction and remodeling, and provides tips on how you can avoid construction liens on your property. For more information see the Florida Lien Law Pamphlet.

Citizen Access Portal 

The Energov’s Citizen Self Service (CSS) can perform robust searches across several key areas in CSS (i.e., permits, plans, inspections, addresses and parcels.) Users do not have to log into CSS to access the global search tool. Simply enter any of the following fields Inspection Number, Parcel Number or Address field and click on Search to display a list of results that meet your search criteria.

For questions please e-mail us at

Scheduling Inspections

  1. Inspection Requests are called into Building Division (954) 457-1312 prior to 4 pm the day before inspection day. Provide the following information: Permit Number, Inspection Type, Job Site Address, Return Phone Number, and access instructions.
  2. Inspection Requests may be scheduled online via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal prior to 4:00pm the day before inspection day
  3. The Building Inspectors normally leave the office to perform inspections by 8am.
      • (954) 457-3066 - Structural, Roofing, Signs, Fences
      • (954) 457-1388 - Plumbing,
      • (954) 457-1387 - Electric,
      • (954) 457-1302 - Mechanical,
Timed inspections are not generally available and need to be arranged directly with the inspector; on a needs basis and as time permits. Call before 4pm the day before inspection day. 

Checking Inspection Results

  • Inspection Results are available online at the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal.
  • Provide a valid email to one of the permit clerks, for automated email of inspection results.
  • Inspection results can be obtained by phoning a permit clerk at (954) 954-1312.
  • Inspection Cards must be readily available onsite for the inspector to sign off.