Zoning Maps and Permitted Uses

MyHB Zoning Interactive District Map

Update: Our Interactive Zoning Map is currently being updated. Please contact our office for information on our zoning districts (954) 457-2220 or Email us: planningandzoningdivision@Hallandalebeachfl.gov

To determine your zoning district, you may use our Interactive Zoning Map. Simply search for your address or parcel folio number, which will activate the zoning layer on the map. Once the address is located within the map the zoning district hyperlink will directly into our  Zoning and Land Development Code for code of ordinances  and the parcel id hyperlink will direct you into Broward County Property Appraiser.

Interactive Zoning Map

Using the Permitted Use Charts

Use the code in the cross-referenced box to find out if the use you would like is permitted:
“P” means use is a permitted use.
“C” means use is a conditional use (use that is allowed on a discretionary and conditional basis in accordance with the conditional use process
“-” means use is not permitted in that zoning district.  

Please note: If your property is located within an overlay district, additional or alternative standards may apply. Zoning overlay maps are available on the map page. You may also contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (954) 457-3019 to determine the zoning for your property.

Hallandale Beach Zoning Map

Hallandale Beach Zoning Map Opens in new window

Standard Zoning District and Permitted Uses

- Permitted Use for Zoning District

- Administrative Parking Standards

Hallandale Beach Subdistrict Map (Color) Opens in new window

Central and West Regional Activity Center (RAC) Zoning Sub-Districts

Hallandale Beach Boulevard (HBB) Corridor Subdistrict 

 - HBB Corridor Regulating Subdistrict Map

- HBB Corridor Zoning Subdistrict Map

Central and West Regional Activity Center (RAC) Zoning Sub-Districts Permitted Uses

- Central  RAC Permitted Uses

- West RAC Permitted Uses

Other Zoning Maps

Flood Interactive Map

Interactive Flood Map Botton

Future Land Use Map

Future Land Use Map

Medical Marijuana Zoning Map

Medical Marijuana

Code Compliance Officers Assigned Section

Code Compliance Officers Assigned Sections

Assisted Living Facilites Status Map

Assisted Living Facilities Status Map