Capital Improvement Plan and Funding Documents

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The City of Hallandale Beach’s Comprehensive Plan Capital Improvement Element, a five-year schedule of Capital Improvement projects is required to be maintained annually. This schedule of projects is also known as the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and its intent is to act as a guide to delineate the capital projects necessary to meet the overall needs of the City. Additionally, the CIP is an effective planning tool for the City Commission, management staff, and the public, in the evaluation of the City’s future needs. Therefore, the staff has drafted the 5-year Capital Improvements Plan, which outlines the existing and anticipated projects and expenses.

Capital Improvement for Fiscal Year 2000-2024
Capital Improvement for Fiscal Year 2021-2025

Broward County Transportation Surtax

The City of Hallandale Beach submitted two (2) projects that will be evaluated and ranked by Broward County Transportation Surtax (Mobility Advancement Program), then vetted for funding recommendation by the County’s Oversight Board. Following the County’s Interlocal Agreement, the surtax projects will compel local business participation.


Crosswalk improvements citywide- HALL-003. This project contains crosswalk rehabilitation in various intersections including but not limited to, Dixie Highway, Federal Highway, and Hallandale Beach Boulevard. The total project budget is estimated at $ 1,710,485.00.

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Sidewalk improvements citywide- HALL-004. This project entails repairing, replace, and construct existing damaged or missing sidewalks. It also addresses ADA deficiencies in various locations city-wide. The total project budget is estimated at $ 2,971,710.00.