Census 2020-Complete Count Committee (CCC)

(10 Members*)

Duties & Responsibilities:

The role of the Complete Count Committee (CCC) is to guide and support the efforts of the U.S. Census Bureau on a local level with a goal to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census. The CCC will assist in targeted outreach efforts, provide a vehicle for coordinating and nurturing cooperative efforts between the tribal, state and local governments; communities and their various groups, especially portions of the population that are hard to count; and the Census Bureau.

Hard-to-count areas are a focus for the City. In these areas, people may not have access to the Internet. They might also be unaccustomed to interacting and even trusting the government.

The CCC’s goal is a census count that includes ALL City of Hallandale Beach residents. The committee also will work to increase understanding about the importance of the census and educate residents on how to participate.

The function of the Committee shall be as follows:

a) Coordinate efforts in partnership with a Broward County agency staff liaison.

b) Participate in the six subcommittees that have been established by Broward

County as part of the Census 2020 Complete Count Committee: 

  • City-County Coordination,
  • Cultural and Ethnic, 
  • Interfaith Institutions, 
  • Hard to Enumerate, 
  • Promotions, and 
  • Recruitment and Training;

c) Establish a list of groups that will be targeted for priority attention to encourage their members to be counted in the year 2020 Census;

d) Raise awareness of the importance of Census 2020;

e) Assertively reach out to hard to enumerate groups; and

f)  Encourage participation in the Census.

* The Board shall consist of six (6) community members designated by the city commission at-large and no more than four (4) members of the City Administration, designated by the City Manager.

Committee members shall provide representation from civic associations, community-based organizations, the business community and organizations that serve the population that is most likely to be undercounted. City Administration members shall preferably be those whose functions can contribute meaningfully to the work and purpose of the Committee.

Meetings Held:

Dates and locations of upcoming meetings: TBA


Ex-Officio Committee Chair: 

  • Sabrina Javellana, Vice-Mayor 

Committee Members:

  • Director of Human Services (City Administration)
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Director (City Administration)
  • Director of Development Services (City Administration)
  • Digital Engagement Team Member (City Administration)

Agendas and Minutes: