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Broward County is reminding residents of various ways they can receive local government services without face-to-face interactions in government facilities. These alternatives are being offered to help protect the public and County employees. Until further notice, the following Government Center West (GCW) services are available only through these alternate means; public foot traffic for these transactions will not be an option until future notice. (GCW is located at 1 N. University Drive, Plantation Florida.)

Building Code Services, Consumer Protection, Chauffeur Registration, Childcare Licensing, Environmental Permitting, Planning and Development Management, and Code and Zoning.

All these services can be accomplished through Broward’s GCW Virtual Operations. Visit Broward.org/Consumer and select GCW Virtual Operations for more information. You may also call the Broward County Call Center at 311 or 954-831-4000, Toll-free: 833-311-BRWD (2793).

You may submit your Development and Environmental Review application online through our e-Permit portal. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional helpful links:

To create a new ePermits account click the Create a New Account link and after you have created an ePermits account click the Sign in to ePermits link to access Broward County’s ePermitting website directly. For further assistance visit Broward County’s ePermitting System Guide for Submittal.

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Please know we are here to help you. Your success is our success. Listed below are step-by-step instructions for Transportation Concurrency and Environmental Review, Asbestos Certificates, Notice of Commencement, and ePermitting phone support. For more information on this initiative, please call Broward County’s Environmental and Consumer Protection Division at (954) 519-1260.

Please note that ePermitsOneStop does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. All submittals are subject to a review, prior to issuance. You may not start work until the application has been processed, payment is made and the permit has been issued. Starting work prior to the issuance of a permit may result in penalties and fees.