Please click here to view our Bulk Trash Flyer.

Bulk Trash & Yard Waste picked-up monthly only for residential accounts with four (4) or fewer units. A maximum amount up to 6 cubic yards picked up for FREE (Any additional trash can be picked up for a fee amount).  Vacant  lots are not picked up as part of monthly bulk waste pick up. Each section is scheduled for collection during one week of the month as follows:

  • First Monday of the Month - Southwest Section
  • Second Monday of the Month - Southeast Section
  • Third Monday of the Month - Northwest Section
  • Fourth Monday of the Month - Northeast Section

If a month has five (5) weeks there will be no collection in the fifth week.

Dates to Put Bulk Waste Out for Pickup

October 2021 4th
November 20211st 8th15th22nd
December 20216th13th20th27th
January 20223rd10th17th24th
February 20227th14th21st28th
March 20227th14th21st28th
April 20224th11th18th25th
May 20222nd9th16th23rd
June 20226th13th20th27th
July 20224th11th18th25th
August 20221st8th15th22nd
September, 20225th12th19th26th
October, 20223rd10th17th24th
November, 20227th14th21st28th
December, 20225th12th19th26th

Residents must have debris placed in the swale by 7:00 AM on Monday.

Once the truck goes up and down the street it will not return until the next scheduled collection week. Sanitation will coordinate with Code Compliance once a section is completed and issue citations for violations.

Learn more about Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste drop-off dates.