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The City's Parking Management program ensures efficient use of the City's parking inventory. The City's Parking Ordinance was amended to allow for the expansion of managed parking in the City. Citywide parking enforcement began on January 2, 2022. 

Parking signs are installed throughout the City indicating paid parking locations.  All street parking payments are made through the PayByPhone service by App, Phone, or Online. 

All residents are invited to apply online for our Resident Parking Program. This program is designed to qualify residents for Discounted Hourly Parking and to qualify those residents that live in a neighborhood parking zone to purchase Monthly Parking Zone Pass(es).

If you need assistance with the PayByPhone App, please call (877) 610-2054 or visit 

If you require assistance from the Parking Services team, please call (954) 457-1489 Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm or email anytime at

To apply for the Resident Parking Program, click here Headline or at the link below.

To apply for the Caregiver's Parking Program, click here or at the link below.

To apply for the Tradesperson Parking Programclick here or at the link below.

To apply for the Workforce Parking Program, click here Headline or at the link below.

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