Public Safety Initiatives

The Hallandale Beach Police Department is committed to remaining at the technological forefront of professional policing services. The HBPD continues to invest in a multitude of different technological tools to improve response times to violent crime incidents, help identify possible criminal suspects entering or leaving our city, advance the department’s evidence capturing capabilities, aid in safer apprehensions of suspects, increase transparency in the interaction of between police and the public, enhance work efficiency, increase employee accountability and provide better vantage points during emergency incidents.

Vigilant License Plate Readers

License Plate Readers

Over the past few years, the HBPD has installed license plate readers (LPRs) at 17 locations around the city. The LPRs are specialized cameras with built-in software to help identify and record license plates. The license plate information captured on the LPRs is compared with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s database. This database, also known as the hotlist, is a compilation of license plates connected to criminal activity such as a stolen vehicle. When there is a match, Police are alerted and can immediately respond to intercept the vehicle. This technology has assisted in serving as a deterrent to crime and as a forensic tool to solve crimes after they occur. There have been arrests made as a result of the alerts from the cameras. The LPRs are strategically placed around the City to capture the major vehicle arteries leading into and out of the City.

Security Cameras

Security Camera System

Coupled with the LPRs, the HBPD is expanding the CCTV system by installing an additional 49 new CCTV cameras in high crime areas. The current City’s CCTV system is comprised of over 200 existing cameras at 23 different sites. All the images are transmitted to the Police Department via a combination of wired and wireless infrastructure to video storage devices. The camera footage is viewed through the video management software system. 

The CCTV system will allow detectives to develop leads aiding in the arrest of perpetrators and help detectives conduct more focused and efficient investigations. Further, the CCTV system will have real time impacts on HBPD’s law enforcement functions as the development of the anticipated Real Time Crime Center comes to online.


Shot Spotter

The HBPD procured gunshot detection services to expeditiously alert officers to gunshots within an expanded coverage area. The system alerts officers on their laptops and/or cellphones as well as over police radio through the BSO dispatch. ShotSpotter Inc. detects and accurately locates within 25 meters of the actual gunshot location 90% of unsuppressed, outdoor gunshots and alerts police in less than 60 seconds.

The ShotSpotter real-time Incident Review Center (IRC) reviews at least 90% of gunfire incidents within 60 seconds. This human review is intended to confirm or change the machine classification of the incident type. Depending on the reviewer’s confidence level, the incident may be gunfire, not other gunfire-like noises such as construction or fireworks.  

This gunshot detection service will enable HBPD to respond more rapidly and precisely to gunfire incidents, improve evidence recovery, and proactively impact gun violence. The system will aid detectives by providing more evidence and insight into an incident of crime and provide vital information regarding criminal activity within an area of concern. Finally, the system will also aid supervisors in better deploying their resources and developing strategies to combat violent crime.

Drone Unit

Drone Unit

Last year, the HBPD committed to the enhancement of the Patrol Operation services with the development of a Drone Unit. The HBPD acquired 3 unmanned aircraft systems (also known as drones). The use of drones has various benefits including mitigating risks, expanding the capabilities of staffing, and providing critical real-time information to key personnel when responding to critical incidents. The drones will be deployed around the clock and will be utilized during incidents of search and rescue operations, critical incidents, crowd monitoring during large events, fleeing suspect pursuits, recognizance, and natural disaster incident responses. 

Police Software

Public Safety Software

The HBPD is committed to employee accountability and purchased police case management software, such as IAPro and Blue Team, which assists with monitoring and reporting on complaints and other incidents that may indicate patterns of employee misconduct and behavioral shortfalls. Further benefits of IAPro and Blue Team is its ability to alert in advance of issues that could, if left unchecked, put the community and the reputation of the agency at risk.

To optimize police operations and better respond to incidents of crime, the HBPD gathers criminal intelligence and data collection to better manage resources based on proper analysis. The HBPD also invested in several crime software which utilizes a combination of historical crime data and criminal intelligence to forecast future incidents of crime creating a policing strategy geared toward crime prevention and proactive policing.  Based on these forecasts, patrol units obtain daily crime briefings with an up-to-date statistical analysis of criminal activity in the city to increase patrols at particular locations on specific dates and times to deter crime before it happens.

Body Worn Camera

Officer Equipment

All sworn personnel will be issued new Tasers as a non-lethal alternative to utilize during confrontational arrest incidents.  The HBPD will receive 100 new Taser 7s and future replacements, should newer models become available during the life of the contract.

The HBPD is ordering 100 new Axon Body 3 Body Worn Camera (BWC) which are a significant upgrade from the current BWC platform. The new BWCs have video recording capabilities, integrated software that minimizes storage, and automatic activation of all BWCs within a thirty (30) foot radius when an officer unholsters their firearm or Taser. The new BWCs also come with automated tagging software (case number, call type, etc.). Utilizing Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data, the officers no longer are responsible for tagging information to the video recording. This eliminates officers entering information for each recorded video. Coupled with the new BWCs, HBPD will receive unlimited data storage for all current and future BWC footage.  

The HBPD has ordered laptop computers for all officers. The use of laptops provides officers to the report management system to complete reports and query crime database searches remotely in the field. Officers’ availability to their own laptop increases efficiency in the administration of paperwork.

coHB Tesla PD Fleet 071422

Electric Fleet

In accordance with the City’ commitment to Green Energy, the HBPD has begun the process of replacing its aging fleet. The HBPD has just received 13 new Tesla Y for the Investigative Services Division. Further, the HBPD has ordered 48 Hybrid Ford Interceptors. The new HBPD fleet plans to increase vehicle performance while reducing the department’s carbon footprint.

For more information on the City's Electric Fleet visit Electric Fleet.