Sustainability/Green Initiatives Program


The Green Initiatives Program provides sustainability related information and programs to residents and employees.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainable development as, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Sustainability boils down to balance! Balance between the present and the future, informed by the past. 

Check out our Green Initiatives Program Overview in order to learn more about sustainability, form your own personal definition of sustainability and begin to think about how you can make changes in your life to reduce your impact.


  1. Susan Fassler

    Green Initiatives Coordinator
    Phone: (954) 457-1617

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Click the image above to view a video describing our Green Initiatives program

Sustainability Action Planning

The City launched its Sustainability Action Planning process at the end of May 2017! This Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) will lay out every sustainability initiative that the City will implement during the next 5 years. We have selected RS&H, Inc. as our consultant in order to help us develop a project-driven action plan focused on the following areas:

  • Resource Conservation and Efficiency
  • Materials Minimization and Recycling
  • Land Use and Transportation
  • Natural Resources and Resiliency
  • Education and Outreach
  • Funding and Evaluation 

An Interdepartmental Project Team, made up of staff members from multiple City departments, has been created in order to identify sustainability opportunities and barriers within each Department in the City. 

We are also seeking input from our residents! Join us and share your ideas at our Sustainability Action Plan Public Workshops:

  • Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9:30am-11:30am at the Cultural Center, Room 107 (410 SE 3rd Street)
  • Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 9:30am-11:30am at Foster Park, Multipurpose Room (609 NW 6th Avenue) 

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the specifics of the Sustainability Action Plan check out the project Scope of Work. If you would like to discuss your ideas for the Plan prior to the Community Workshops please call 945-457-1617. We look forward to hearing from you!

Resilience Dialogues Program 

The City of Hallandale Beach participated in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's Resilience Dialogues (RDs) program in March 2017. The program was designed to assist communities as they work to understand the impacts of climate variability and change on their region, and also to help identify which tools, information and assistance program are the most relevant for their planning needs.

The Hallandale Beach team was matched with a facilitator and then connected with subject matter experts from all over the Country in order to discuss climate resilience and how to communicate this information to our community. 

Check out the Resilience Dialogues summary report and the related June 7, 2017 City Commission presentation!

The City is planning for a resilient future, so be sure to get involved with the Sustainability Action Planning process and share your ideas.

Visit the NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer if you would like to see how sea level rise will impact Hallandale Beach in the coming years.

Public Events and Workshops

Quarterly Workshop Series

We have partnered with the City of Hollywood in order to offer residents of both Cites a quarterly workshop series.

The next Workshop is tentatively scheduled for Fall of 2017. It will focus on Zero Waste and Recycling and offer residents the opportunity to learn and discuss how they can reduce the amount of "stuff" that they use in their every day lives. The workshop will also feature a DIY workshop where residents will learn how to make their own homemade deodorant, dish detergent, foaming hand soap and nut milk. Stay tuned for the date and registration link!

Past Quarterly Green Initiatives Workshops

Green Fest

For the past 8 years the City has hosted its annual Green Fest event at City Hall. This event offers free workshops to the public, a fruit tree giveaway, conservation device giveaways and is home to the City's Annual Trashion Show. The Trashion Show is a fashion show with a twist! The Green Initiatives Program partners with Memorial Healthcare System's Youth FORCE Afterschool Program and Gulfstream Academy for this event. Teams of students compete for prizes in a fashion show where every outfit is made from reused or recycled material!

Trashion Show SUNTIMES

Water Conservation  

The Water Conservation Program includes the Toilet Rebate Program, Water Conservation Device Giveaway, Dual Flush Toilet Retrofit Program and the Water Wise Elementary Education Program.

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Click the image above for more information
about our Water Conservation Programs

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Click the image above to print a Water Conservation Device Application. The City offers its residents free shower heads, hose nozzles and faucet aerators.

The City of Hallandale Beach participates within the Broward Water Partnership's Toilet Rebate Program. Through this program, residents with eligible toilets (pre-1994) can apply for rebates of up to $100 to replace their old, high water use toilets with water conserving models. Visit the Conservation Pays website to see if you are eligible for a rebate and to apply online.


The City also offers a free Dual-Flush Toilet Retrofit program for residents that want to save water but do not wish to replace their entire toilet.

Energy Conservation  

The City also offers the opportunity for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business through our PACE program. This program allows property owners to receive up-front financing for qualifying improvements. Broward County has approved four (4) PACE providers Countywide. Visit the Broward County website for more information.  

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We also offer residents free LED light bulbs and smart power strips. Click the image above to print an Energy Conservation Device Application

Climate Change  

To learn more about climate change and what YOU can do to help our environment, click the image below.

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Be sure to take a look at the sea level rise awareness poles that are installed at various locations on the beach. These poles will give you information about what areas in Hallandale Beach and Broward County are vulnerable to sea level rise. They will also tell you about climate change in general and what you can do to help reduce your environmental impact. 


Click the image below to learn more about our Recycling Program and to print out a recycling guide.  

Exhibit 2 - Recycling Guide FINAL

Green Initiatives Online Newsletter

The quarterly Green Initiatives Newsletter aims to introduce City employees, residents and visitors to the concept of sustainability and hopes to encourage each person to think about how they can reduce their impact on the planet via actions that work for them.

Remember to take the short survey that is located on Page 3 of every Newsletter!

Click each image below to view the corresponding newsletter:

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   Volume 1 (Oct.-Dec. '16)       Volume 2 (Jan.-Mar. '17)      Volume 3 (April-June '17)      Volume 4 (July-Sept. '17)

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   Volume 5 (Oct.-Dec. '17)       Volume 6 (Jan.-Mar. '18)      

Yearly Green Initiatives Program Overview

Click the images below to see an overview of the City's FY1516 and FY1617 Green Initiatives 

2016 GI Flyer 2017 GI Flyer

           FY1516 Overview                    FY1617 Overview