Innovation Technology Services

We value connecting with our public.  Listed below are various services we offer to the public:


Vendors & Procurement

From time to time, the City may partner with vendors to fulfill its responsibilities.  Potential vendors may register online using the Vendor Self Service page.  To register as a vendor, click here.  Be sure to include pertinent documents such as the W9 and include specific commodity codes pertinent to your business.

Utility Billing Online Payment Portal

The City provides a payment portal for City Utility payments.  Through Citizen Self Service, users have the ability to pay for services via credit cards. Click here to visit the Utility Billing Customer Self Service Portal.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems also known as Drones have become increasingly popular as an effective tool for research, building maintenance, photography, and safety operations as just a few examples. Office of Innovation Technology (IT) serves as the Drone Support Unit for the City and provides support to staff and vendors to achieve their flight mission goals while complying with Federal, State and City regulations.

Before you Begin

The following items are required prior to flying Drones for the City as a vendor or over City owned properties (such as City Hall, the Police Department, Parks, Public Works facilities, etc.):

  • The pilot much have their FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • The pilot must have already registered their drone with the FAA (to receive a certificate number for the drone).
  • The pilot must have General Liability Insurance.
  • The pilot must have or obtain drone flight insurance (either per flight or on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis).

Note: It is advised to have these above items in place and to then submit your pilot and drone information to be registered in our system. Doing this well in advance of any planned drone flight missions will expedite the time it will take for any specific flight mission review.

Procedure Summary

Step #1: The pilot has to first register their information and information about their drone unit via this link. 

Step #2: Each drone flight mission must be pre-approved by the COHB Drone Support Unit by submitting a Flight Request at least 5 business days before the proposed flight via this link.

The COHB Drone Unit will provide permission for each flight mission requested only after an internal review of required documentation and flight plan. The flight mission may be denied based on various factors including matters of security, other events happening at  the same location, or weather conditions, as some examples.

The Drone Support Unit will advise of their decision in their response as well as ways to contact them for more information.

Please submit your flight plan as early as possible. At a minimum, allow five business days for processing flight plan requests.

Mobile & Software Apps

MyHB App

MyHB is a multi-platform solution for providing residents, businesses and visitor’s instant access to a set of Hallandale Beach provided services, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. With this smartphone app, service requests (potholes, noise complaints, dangerous conditions, etc) can be submitted directly to the appropriate local government department. The app will know exactly where the issue is (using the GPS feature on your phone) and you can even submit a picture of the problem. This means your service requests will be responded to quickly and efficiently, and you'll be able to track your issues until the instant they are resolved!  Download the MyHB app via Apple App Store or Google Play

MyHB City Clerk App

The MyHB City Clerk App is designed to keep residents and business owners engaged with the Office of the City Clerk. Use this application to manage public record requests, public comments, Visitor Tracker, Calendar and About Us.  Staying connected with our community is key.  Download the MyHB City Clerk app via Apple App Store or Google Play.

MyHB GIS Projects App

Our MyHB GIS Projects App allows users to use on-line GIS tools to view current development projects on a map using your any device with html browser. To use, just click here and you will be able to view the various projects that are under planning or construction phase.  Users are able to turn on/off layers to filter specific data elements being researched.  Our goal is to provide transparency and keep the community informed.