Transportation & Mobility Planning

Hallandale Beach is seeking to play a more progressive role in the development of multimodal mobility in Broward County. Out of necessity the City is focusing on providing an advantage to transit, bicycle, and pedestrian mobility as a form of capacity on the roadway network. The transportation and Mobility Department is tasked with Identifying and addressing barriers to make streets safer and more convenient for all road users, including people of all ages and abilities and those using assistive mobility devices. 
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Mini Bus App Service


The City of Hallandale Beach Mobile App will help riders track the City’s four (4) community bus routes. The application will allow riders to track the location of the buses on the map and provide riders with real time information on the arrival of the buses at a designated stops. Riders will be able to create a list of their favorite stops to quickly have access to the buses estimated time of arrival (ETA). A link to the City of Hallandale Beach Community Bus App . Enjoy the ride!

Track it from your desktop computer:
   - Web application:
Track it from your mobile device by downloading the Mobile App:
    - Google Play Store:
    - Apple App Store:

For more information on the City of Hallandale Beach Community Bus Service including Routes, Schedules, Rules, and a Quality Survey Click Here.

Community Mini Bus Service

A convenient way to travel around Hallandale Beach

The City of Hallandale Beach minibus service operates four (4) routes for quick, easy and convenient transportation. Routes 1, 2,& 3 operate Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm; and Route 4 operates Monday through Sunday 7:00am - 7:00 pm. The four (4) routes cover all four sections of the City. Routes 1, 2, 3 and 4 merge at City Hall; Route 2 travels to the Aventura Hospital; and Route 3 goes to the Hollywood Tri-Rail Station and the Memorial HealthCare on Pembroke Road.
This service is offered free of charge to all riders. For more information, call (954) 457-3039.

For more information on the City of Hallandale Beach Community Bus Service including Routes, Schedules, Rules, and a Quality Survey Click Here.

Mini Buses Do Not operate on the following holidays or during hurricane warnings:
• July 4th
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Eve/Day
• New Year's Day

Mini Bus General Regulations
• Shopping carts of any size are prohibited from blocking aisles.
• Drivers are not responsible for assisting riders or locating lost articles left on the minibus.
• Riders may only bring bags/packages onto the minibus during initial entry that are reasonably carried by the rider.
• All items must be either stored in the storage rack behind the driver or retained by the rider in the one seat occupied by the rider. No exceptions will be allowed by the driver.
• No rude behavior allowed.
• No eating, drinking, smoking or spitting.
• No feet on seats.
• No radios/tape players.
• Shoes and shirts must be worn. No feet on seats.
• For information about Broward County Transit routes fare or connections call 954.357.8400.
• Hearing speech impaired/TTY 954.357.83023 

In order to process your complaint, please request the Title VI Complaint Form. If you need help in completing this form, please call the Transportation and Mobility Customer Service Representative at 954-457-3039. The completed form can be returned to:
Hallandale Beach Transportation and Mobility Division
Attention: Transportation and Mobility Planner
400 South Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
Telephone: 954-457-3039

Lost and Found
Limousines of South Florida, Inc. (LSF) manages the Community Bus Programs Lost & Found. No items are turned in to the City by bus operators. LSF's Customer Relations/Lost & Found is open during general business hours.
Most items found on buses and trains will be turned in to Lost & Found by 8:30 a.m. the following business day. They are retained by Lost & Found for no longer than two weeks. Lost items are held for 14 days only. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity, properly disposed of or destroyed.
Bicycles left on buses and trains are typically available in Lost & Found in 2-3 business days. Bicycles are kept in Lost & Found for one week.

Please note: The City of Hallandale Beach or Limousines of South Florida, Inc. (LSF) is not liable for damage to any personal items, such as bicycles, computers and cell phones, etc., except if LSF is found to be negligent or at fault in an accident. Theft and/or damage to personal items, injury while loading and unloading a bicycle, acts by a third party and all other incidents are solely the responsibility of the customer and not The City of Hallandale Beach or LSF. Limousines of South Florida, Inc. (LSF) reserves the right to change or update their Lost & Found policy as they see fit without advance notice on this website.
Call Limousines of South Florida, Inc. (LSF) Lost & Found at 954-463-0845

Hallandale Beach Mobility Roadmap 

The Hallandale Beach Mobility Roadmap was adopted by the Hallandale Beach City Commission on December 12, 2018. The Mobility Roadmap includes an assessment of the following transportation and mobility issues in Hallandale Beach:

  • Existing transportation network classification,
  • Existing on-street parking,
  • Existing traffic volumes,
  • Existing and future traffic conditions,
  • Crash data analysis,
  • Existing bicycle and sidewalk network conditions,
  • Existing transit network conditions,
  • Previously considered transportation and mobility improvements, and
  • In-planning, funded and in-progress transportation projects.
Each of these transportation and mobility issues were considered as part of developing short (0 to 5 years), mid (6 to 10), and long term (11 to 20 years) transportation and multi-modal improvements. Planning level cost estimates for each recommended improvement and potential funding sources are also identified.

Click Here: for a copy of the Hallandale Beach Mobility RoadMap

Safe Routes to School Planning 

One of the focus areas is creating healthy and safe built environment with a major component concentrated on promoting active transportation. A Safe Routes to School Program aligns with improving health by creating a safe environment around schools and promoting the opportunities to walk or bike to school. The goal of this Safe Routes to School Plan is to provide a framework to enhance opportunities for students that live within the Healthy Community Zone to be able to walk or bike to school. The plan is focused on the 5 E’s: Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, and Evaluation. A list of partnering schools include: 
  • Hallandale Magnet High School
  • Colbert Museum Magnet
  • Hallandale Elementary 
  • Lake Forest Elementary 
  • Watkins Elementary
  • McNicol Middle School

Transportation Master Plan


In addition to the Citywide Master Plan, the City has hired the consulting firm HDR to prepare a Transportation Master Plan for Hallandale Beach. This plan will identify recommended transportation improvements to address the City’s concerns and needs regarding existing and future traffic conditions through 2030.

The Transportation Master Plan will include the development of a traffic cost model to determine project impacts and the associated costs of accommodating traffic from the development activity in the City. The goals of the Master Plan will be to:

  • Quantify the transportation impact and needs of future development and redevelopment activity in the City for Year 2015 and 2030
  • Identify and prioritize appropriate facility improvements and mitigation strategies to ensure adequate mobility in the future
  • Estimate the costs of recommended transportation improvements and identify the appropriate share from new developments/redevelopments

The Citywide Transportation Master Plan was adopted by the City Commission at a Special Meeting/Workshop on June 9, 2009.

Presentation to City Commission on 6/9/09

Transportation Development Review

Transportation Design Considerations for Development Review Committee (DRC)

The City is committed to implementing multi-modal improvements through the Development Review process. Applicants should consider improvements to the pedestrian realm, such as, wider sidewalks, shade trees, on-street parking, bike lanes, bicycle parking, motorcycle parking, public seating and public art. In addition, sustainable improvements, such as, electric charging stations, solar powered lighting, rain gardens and permeable pavers are encouraged with all new development.

Current Development Traffic Impact Studies

A Traffic Study or Traffic Statement pursuant to Section 32-884 of the City’s Zoning and Land Development Code may be required for new development or changes in use. Major Development projects are required to mitigate traffic impacts and pay traffic mitigation fees pursuant to Section 32-794 as required by the City Engineer. 
Click Here for the list of current development Traffic Impact Studies.

Administrative Parking Standards

These are parking standards specifically for commercial uses not located within a Regional Activity Center (RAC). 

Administrative Parking Standards

Additional Information