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City of Hallandale Beach Storm Update

Public Information Bulletin 8- Hurricane Irma
September 10, 2017  3:00 p.m.

The City of Hallandale Beach continues to be in the Hurricane Irma recovery phase. Below is a bulletin update of our efforts:

Power Status

FPL is aware of power issues in the City and is working on restoration.  Residents are advised to call FPL directly at 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243), not the City, to check on the status of power outages.
Fire Rescue Chief Ellis discussed the City’s critical infrastructure sites with FPL representatives and on repowering and emphasized the need to restore our community as quickly as possible. FPL has committed that they should have the majority of South Florida back online by the weekend.  Right now the following critical sites are without electricity:

  • Department of Public Works / Emergency Operations Center (we have a generator and fuel has been delivered)
  • City Hall
  • OB Johnson Park
  • Fire Stations Main, Fire Station Beach, Fire Station 3 Isles
  • Private Dialysis Center (patients are receiving service at an alternative site

Public Safety

The Police Department states that they have not had major new incidents reported.  A total of 45 sworn Police personnel are actively deployed throughout the City and performing patrol, business security detail and intersection management functions.
Fire and Rescue service remains at full capacity to meet the needs of our residents.
All motorists are reminded to treat non-working traffic signals as a four-way stop. Traffic signals flashing red are to be treated as a stop sign.  Flashing yellow traffic signals mean you may proceed slowly with caution. Please be courteous.


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) continues to run from 8AM to 8PM.  There is limited telecommunication to the EOC, as we have experienced circuit failures from AT&T and Comcast.  The EOC hotline (954-457-3101) is still being answered by staff.  Phone lines and cellular service have been intermittent.  We have experienced that the most resilient form of communication with the public is email and social media.
Emergency management documentation, photographs, incident reports are being collected as required by FEMA.
We will be moving EOC operations to City Hall on Wednesday 9/13/17 at 8:00 AM to have better telecommunications connectivity.  The new number for the EOC, starting tomorrow will be 954-457-1319.


The Finance Department has waived late fees and shutoffs during this period. A boil water notice remains in effect for the DeSoto Park South Condominium community, and the homes on SW 8 AVE between SW 7 ST and 11 ST.  The boil specific area water notices will remain open for at least 48 hours from today, since today was the first opportunity for the laboratory to test samples.  We have notified the community via social media channels and code red robo call. These are the only areas in the Hallandale Beach with boil water notices.  The rumors about other areas are not true.  Some people received inaccurate notices from the City of Hollywood. 

Garbage Pickup

Garbage collection for multi-family and residential units are being performed and should be back to normal schedule by this weekend.  This schedule is dependent on fuel being available.
Vegetative storm debris can be placed in the right-of way in front of your property, not on the pavement as that will impede ongoing restoration activities. Please keep the vegetative debris (tree limbs, leaves, branches) in a separate pile from all other wastes. Also, please keep the storm drains clear of storm debris. Non vegetative storm debris (roofing materials, boards and construction material) must be kept in your yard and will be picked up later.  A new post will be made as soon as we learn the exact dates and schedule for picking up non vegetative hurricane debris.  When we begin picking up the non-vegetative debris, customers will need to move it to the right of way.

Development Services

Fees have been waived for Emergency small repairs related to storm damage.  For more information, visit The Building Division is available to assist residents and businesses with damage related questions.  Only two customers visited development services for non-emergency related permits.  Although there were many people in the lobby today, the public was there for AC and to recharge their phones.  Staff installed additional power outlets to assist the public with their power needs.

Other updates

The Minibus service has resumed normal service.

All City Parks are closed until further notice. We are trying to get the parks open as soon as possible.

All primary and secondary roads are open and the pavement is cleared of debris.
Restaurants and food stores are starting to open as power is turned on.

The First Budget Hearings has been rescheduled to Monday September 18th at 5:05 PM in City Hall.

The City of Hallandale Beach appreciates the cooperation of its residents and businesses at this time and is fully committed to the recovery of the City as quickly as possible. We encourage the public to follow our social media channels or visit for obtaining the latest updates.

Roger M. Carlton
City Manager
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