Building Division


400 South Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

(954) 457-2220

The Building Division Hours of Operation

The Building Division is now open to the public Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm. (Excluding Holidays) City hall is closed on Fridays.

While walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred. We strongly encourage you to make an in-person, appointment by contacting us at (954) 457-2220 dial OPTION 1 = Inspections or OPTION 2 = Building Permits

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Leonhardt, Edward ePermit Administrator (954) 457-1386  
Corcuera, Gonzalo Chief Mechanical Inspector (954) 457-1302  
Stewart, Robert Chief Plumbing Inspector (954) 457-1388  
Graham, Jennae Permit Services Supervisor (954) 457-3037  
Agbenohevi, Emmanuel Assistant Building Official (954) 457-4124  
Janiszewski, Lindsey Permit Technician (954) 457-3023  
Alexander, Monica Permit Technician (954) 457-1383  
Jackson, Tiffinee Call Center Supervisor (954) 457-4125  
Faris, Joseph Chief Electrical Inspector (954) 457-1622  
Bostwick, Albert Building Official (954) 457-2220 ex.4123  
Dixon, Sadio Records Technician (954) 457-4127  
Ginarte, Valerie Business Assistance Coordinator (954) 457-1337  
Henry, Shimeka Assistant to Building Official (954) 457-2220 Ex. 3052  

Building Safety Inspection Program 

400 S Federal Hwy
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

The City of Hallandale Beach works in conjunction with Broward County to ensure buildings in our City, 40 years and older, are in compliance with the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program.  When a building reaches 40 years or older, a notice is sent informing the building owner to have a structural inspection performed by a certified architect or engineer and an electrical system inspection performed by a license electrical contractor. The report produced will identify any deficiencies, which will necessitate a repair permit. Once the report is reviewed and any repairs made, the building will be certified safe for continued occupancy for the next ten years.