How can payments be made?

1) Mailing your payment with the remittance stub to City Hall. 2) Bringing your payment and remittance stub to City Hall between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday (excluding Holidays); payments received prior to 2:00 pm are credited to the account on the same day and payments received after this time are credited the following business day. 3) Depositing payments with the remittance stub in an envelope in the night drop located by City Hall’s main entrance (no cash please); payments will be posted the following business day. 4) Signing up for payment bank drafting, payment of your utility account may be set up to automatically draft from your checking or savings account. Payment draft dates occur approximately fifteen days from the billing date-program participants continue to receive a bill to inform you of the amount and the draft date; call (954) 457-1360 for more information on how to join the program. (All payments are applied to the oldest outstanding balance first)

Bank Draft Sign-up Form

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