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Historic Hallandale Schoolhouse

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The Historic Hallandale Schoolhouse was built in 1910, and is the oldest building in Broward County known to have been originally built as a schoolhouse.

When the 1910 hurricane destroyed the school, local citizens petitioned the Dade County School Board (Broward was formed in 1915) for a new building. The School Board claimed that it lacked the funds to replace the school but offered to contribute the lumber and other materials necessary to build another school house. A group of Hallandale residents travelled to Miami, picked up the wood and supplies, and delivered it to the site of the first school. The two-room structure was built with by volunteer labor. The last public school classes were held in the spring of 1916. 

The school sat abandoned for the next five years and in 1921 Bethlehem Lutheran Church purchased the building. The building served as a church learning center until 1966 when it was donated to the City and moved to its present location. As time took its toll on the wooden structure, the City stepped in to preserve the historical landmark in the City’s evolution. 

The City’s Department of Public Works craftsmen worked diligently to bring the building back to life. The Historic Hallandale Schoolhouse grand opening was held February 18, 2015. 

This Hallandale Beach treasure can be toured compliments of the Hallandale Beach Historic Preservation Board on the first Saturday of every month between 11am and 4pm. 

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