What type of permit do I need ?

Select from the list below for the type of project you are requesting:

New Commercial - Construction of any new commercial structure, modular or shell, and parking garage including all required plumbing, mechanical and electrical sub-permits.

New Multi-Family Residential - Construction of apartment (condominium) or triplex that has three or more family dwellings with all the required plumbing, mechanical and electrical sub-permits.

New Single Family Residential - Construction of a new single family dwelling unit, a townhouse or model with all the required plumbing, mechanical and electrical sub-permits.

Miscellaneous Accessory Structure - Application to be used for:

Addition. Construction of an addition to an existing building.

AwningInstallation of a canvas or other material type stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or run off from a storefront, window, doorway, or deck.

Change of Occupancy. To allow a new use within an existing space such as a use permit or alteration.

Charity Drop Box/Recycling Collection Container. Installation of an unmanned container that serves as incidental use for neighborhood drop-off point for temporary storage of charitable items.

Demolition-Entire or Partial & Relocation.

  • Entire. Demolition of an entire building that includes clearing the site.
  • Partial. Demolition of only a portion of a building.
  • Relocation. Movement of an existing building to an alternate location.

Dumpster/Trash Enclosure. Construction of an enclosure around a dumpster or trash can(s).

Screen Room/Enclosure. Construction of a screen room or porch enclosure that has a hard pan roof or open aired.

Exterior Structure Alteration-Siding-Doors-Windows. Minor construction work done on the exterior of a structure, such as the installation of siding (aluminum, wood, soffit or stucco); exterior door(s) and window(s).

Fences & Walls. Construction of a PVC, wood, aluminum, masonry, vinyl coated chain link or any other type of ornamental fence or wall.

Foundation. Early construction of a building foundation prior to the release of a permit.

Handicapped Ramp. Construction of an exterior handicapped ramp leading to the building entrance.

Interior Alteration/Build Out.

  • Alteration. The interior alteration of an existing building such as changing walls. This includes demolition required for the repair.
  • Build out. The interior build out of an existing shelled building.

Pool/Hot Tub/Jacuzzi/Spa. Construction of a pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi, or spa.

Roof-New Roof-Re-Roof-Roof Over.

  • New Roof. Installation including truss, paneling, felt or shingles for new structures.
  • Re-Roof. Repair or tear off of existing roofs.
  • Roof Over. Installation of a roof over existing material.

Shed/Garage/Car Port. Construction of a detached shed or garage that is prefabricated or built on site.

Shutters. Installation of solid or louvered moveable cover for window and door.


  • Permanent signs. Installation of ground signs (monument, way-finding, on-site directional and flag poles) and building signs (wall, projecting, under canopy, awning, directory, building identification, window and instructional).
  • Temporary signs. Displayed for a limited time such as banners, feather banners, cold air balloons, future occupant, model home, mobile trailer, non-profit off site directional and human signs.

Slab With/Without Footer. Construction of a flat concrete plate with supports of reinforced rebar poured into an excavated trench that is used typically for floors or those that do not support a structure.

Solar Panel. Installation of panels and its components used to generate electricity.

Above/Underground Tank. Installation of an above ground or underground tank typically used for gas or other chemical components.

Tent. Installation of a temporary tent larger than 10ft x 10ft in size typically used for special occasions.

Communication Tower. Construction of alteration of a tower and/or electrical cabinets used for communication devices.

Construction/Sales Trailer. Installation of a temporary trailer used during construction or as a sales trailer.

Mechanical. Installation of any mechanical equipment such as air conditioner installation (HVAC - heating, ventilation & air conditioning) or change out, hood, heating, walk-in cooler, duct work, and refrigeration, and when work is not done in conjunction with a new structure or building addition.

Electrical. Installation of any new electrical wiring, meters or fixtures when work is not done in conjunction with a new structure. Electrical improvements such as addition, alteration, new service, repair, general electric, electrical meter/panel change out, low-voltage, and t-pole to any commercial, multi-family dwelling unit and single family dwelling unit. Types include elevators, exhaust fans, fixtures and outlets, floodlights over 30 amps, rated heat appliances, motors and generators, neon transformers and tubing, panel service, power transformers, ranges and ovens, refrigerator display cases, sign outlets, sub panel and meter, time clocks, washers, dryers, disposals, window HVAC outlet, x-ray and dental units.

Plumbing. Plumbing improvements such as addition, alteration, new service, repair, general plumbing, gas, irrigation, and grease trap to any commercial, multi-family dwelling unit and single family dwelling unit. Types include adding/replacing sewer drain and water lines; fixtures such as water heater, heat pump, sink, tubs; gas outlets and appliances served; hose bibs; irrigation heads; vacuum breakers and backflow devices.

Site Development & Tree Removal. Used for the debrushing and tree removal when not done in conjunction with a site construction project; the debrushing, grading, excavating filing and installation of utilities of land after site construction plans have been approved; the early preparation of debrushing, grading, excavating and filing only on special occasions prior to site construction approval; or request to remove a tree.

Fire Protection. Installation of sprinklers, fire suppression system(s), alarm(s), smoke detector(s), underground fire main(s) and issuance of burn permit(s).

Master Plan. For projects where multiple buildings of the same type are to be built.

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