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1. How do I initiate a Public Records Request & What is the cost ?
2. How do I obtain Voter Registration Information?
3. How do I pay for or contest my traffic citation?
4. How do I apply for a permit or obtain permit information?
5. What is the process for a lien search?
6. Can you add a property to Conduits?
7. What is the cost for a lien search?
8. How do I get a payoff for a lien?
9. How do I speak at the Commission Meeting/ request to be on the agenda?
10. When are the Commission Meetings?
11. Can we get married at City Hall?
12. How long does my lobbyist registration last?
13. How do I become a lobbyist and what is the cost?
14. How do I become a member of a Board or Committee?
15. When and where is a Board or Committee meeting?
16. How do I get a copy of a resolution or ordinance?
17. How do I get a marriage license?
18. How do I get a passport at City Hall?